The iPad 4 changing only very few components compared to its predecessor, we invite you to read or reread our test of the iPad 3 or iPad New, published in March last updated in October 2012 to the end of the exit iOS 6. Indeed, apart from rendering the screen, autonomy and power of the dell xps m1330 tablet, a few points are likely to vary between the two models.

Replacing the iPad 3 (or iPad New), iPad 4 (or iPad with a Retina display, as Apple calls) inducted in the tablets of the firm renewal system machines from traditional computing. As a new MacBook Pro laptop computer, the iPad 4 changes compared to the iPad 3 by increasing its power and changing its connectivity.

So do we keep the same aluminum shell, the same 9.7-inch Retina display with IPS technology definition of 2048 x 1536 pixels as the iPad 3, but the processor A5X gives way to the chip A6X which Apple doubles as the performance of its predecessor. The 30-pin connector also goes hand port Lightning, as the iPad Mini and iPhone 5.

The iPad 4 adopts the same camera back that the iPad 3, a 5-megapixel sensor with 1080p video capture. For the webcam, Apple is now moving to the 1.3-megapixel sensor, just stick to the arrival of FaceTime HD.

The operating system of this tablet is iOS 6.

The Apple iPad tablet 4 is sold from 509 euros 16GB Dual Carrier 3G versions are also planned for availability in November 2012 and to 100 euros more expensive prices for each storage capacity.

The design is identical to the iPad 3, with a hull made of aluminum, thickness as content as possible (9.4 mm) and density of the object which gives it a solid look.

The Vostro 1720 handling of a product of 4:3 is always nice, especially for reading text (thank you definition Retina). The only change between the iPad and the iPad in March of November, physically, is the replacement of the 30-pin connector port by Lightning. Very small, close to the form of a micro-USB port, this connector can be connected in both directions. If the Lightning can take effect on an iPhone or an iPad Mini, we can not imagine today how a product of more than 630 grams, and especially the plug can fit on an accessory such as a dock, iPad with balance. To see ...

Note that the iPad does not heat nearly four more than in the heat that was able to generate its predecessor, even for part of a frantic game very greedy.

Today, the screen of the iPad 3 (or iPad New) remains a reference for us. Hyper colors faithful enough contrast and high pixel density display make the most efficient market shelves. This new iPad 4, launched on November 2, it is up to the (recent) predecessor side screen? Not really ...

Attention, no sudden drop display quality, but our results in the probe are just a little worse. Recall that the iPad is equipped with a 4 IPS Retina, which offers a definition of 2048 x 1536 pixels, a pixel density of 263 ppi.

The average contrast is doing well at 853:1, 930:1 against the iPad 3. This is a good result, but still far from what tablets can offer Acer Iconia Tab A510 or Transformer Pad TF700 Infinity, also in IPS and over 1000:1 contrast medium. The maximum brightness 344 cd/m2 reached, which is equivalent to the iPad 3. The tablet is light enough to ensure a correct reading content in most environments, indoors or outdoors, but the sun can quickly calm your Studio 1558 enthusiasm.

Side of colors that still plays iPad in the big leagues, but once again makes a copy a bit worse than its predecessor. With an average delta E of 3.7, against 2.2 on iPad 3, slate 4th generation Apple is still a fairly accurate display. Recall that the delta E quantifies the difference between the colors as they should be displayed and the screen colors in question and a very good color fidelity is below 3.

This slight stall iPad 4 is in fact due to blue, which is far from being true, while all other tones are almost perfect. The camera remains still one of the best slates to display all kinds of content (eg photos) with a faithful rendering.

The persistence time remains in good average and iPad IPS panels, with 20 ms. The thinness of the display of the iPad 4, iPad 3 as its predecessor,Dell Studio 1737 benefits greatly from the definition of 2048 x 1536 pixels. Reading on iBooks, mailbox and especially web surfing is always a pleasure. In iOS, the difference between an iPad 2 and this new tablet is still amazing and it was very difficult to return to a lower image definition.

And if the iPad 4 provides more clarity in the text than its competitors Android called "Full HD" (1920 x 1200 actually) that are the Transformer Pad TF700 Infinity Asus and Acer Iconia Tab A700, Apple's flagship tablet is in the Nexus 10, an opposition to its height.

Indeed, the 10.1-inch tablet produced by Samsung Google displays a definition of 2560 x 1600 pixels, a density of 298 ppi.

Find all the details of iOS 6 for iPad tablets on the complete test of the iPad 3.

Difficult to realize, at first glance, the contribution of the new chip A6X on the management of the OS. Very soon, however, we note launches applications faster, a transition from one app to another with less latency and less neurasthenic loads of games requiring the resource.

The set is still fluid, and for information, the raw results of this processor benchmarks A6X (GL Benchmark, SunSpider, Browsermark, Quadrant ...) confirm the brutal force of this chip.

Find all the details of managing multimedia product on the complete test of the iPad 3.

Nothing changes here, but everything is a little faster. Web browsing is always a pleasure and iOS 6 further improves the experience on Safari. The Retina display displays pages with great finesse and could very well do without the zoom, both in portrait and landscape.

The most interesting part of the angle of the multimedia iPad 4 is the application that will be made in the (near) future of processor power.

We had the opportunity to see and ask your thumbs on the new album Real Racing machine optimized for mobile Apple and we never felt the sensation as manipulating a home console in the palm of our hands. This first demonstration of power should be available in December.

If Apple doubles the Dell Vostro 1015 Battery power of the machine, the company claims to still hold the energy expenditure side impact with his usual self-10am. In practice, the iPad 4 is actually a fork of autonomy ranging between 9.30 and 10.30 and either video playback or mixed use (mail, gaming, web ...)

Of course, as the iPad 3, the resource-intensive games encumber more autonomy of the tablet. Energy snacking seems less important here, probably due to a better integration of components and power control.

The charging time of the iPad 4 is identical to that of its predecessor, namely a bit more than 3 hours to fully charge the slate.


As we know, HTC 2011 after a year with a bang, is undergoing a year 2012 more than complicated. One line has struggled to win early in the year against the behemoth representing Samsung Galaxy S3 and the recent renewal of One X with X + (XL and arrival in France connectivity Dual Carrier ) is not enough to change the trend this year.

If the premium is lost for this year, maybe he still space on the segment just below with more affordable products and features diminished. This is the will of the manufacturer with its X HTC Desire, a little brother named desire.

Remains to be seen whether this model fulfilled its contract and offer a phone that will meet all your needs in a size 4 inches at 300 €. This is what we will try to see everything on this test with the HTC Desire X.

I - Focus on the material

HTC Desire X has a 4-inch Super LCD display with a resolution WVGA (800 x 480 pixels), a dual-core processor Qualcomm MSM8225 S4 clocked at 1 GHz, a graphics chip Adreno 203, accompanied 768 MB of RAM and 4 GB of internal memory. Everything is in a terminal measuring 118.5 mm width 62.3 mm height and 9.3 mm thick and weighs 112 grams.

Those are the main characteristics of the terminal. The features are useful, but the most important thing is especially the impression he gives. Start with the screen size. Who am accustomed to phones reasonable size - I totally missed the race bigger thumb - I am very happy with the format of the Desire X. The screen is surrounded by a gray material that wants to be metal (but it is not), while the rest is made of the plastic white or black. Shell that is easily removed, even if it was a bit like that could break when trying to remove it. On a plastic mat, soft to the touch, it will withstand a hectic although normal. After some time using it, it is like the first day, without a trace or scratch.

Note that the various camera buttons (ON / OFF and volume up on the right side) are integrated into the shell removed. This is not very happy and it was sometimes hard to find the buttons because they do not stand out enough. Also note the microUSB jack is present on the left side of the hull and takes place in a round. The microUSB is not necessarily the easiest to handle, I'm not sure this helps rounded to plug and unplug cables. It would almost regret that there is not something similar to Lightning connector that is easier to use in terms of connections / disconnections.

To complete our tour of the property, there is a port 3.5mm jack located at the top of the phone next to the ON / OFF button which benefits like all HTC devices and software to improve sound Beats Audio (which will be discussed in the party software). On the back of the phone, found the sensor 5 megapixel camera with autofocus, LED flash and BSI sensor that records video in WVGA. We finally have a speaker and a microphone. Note that the photo sensor is surrounded by a material different from the rest of the back of the phone. On the white model, this space is gray with a blue outline, while the black is also black. On white (model I tested), I find this rather ugly design element, which is not the case at all on the black model.

The form factor of this phone is very nice in hand and even if you feel that the materials used are less processed than on the high end, it's still very good and this phone will make you proud to show off, because its appearance does not very cheap unlike other phones.

II - Focus on software

Now to the software that HTC Desire X. Like all models of the Taiwanese manufacturer, this phone comes with HTC Sense, the software layer that adds to Android and you can not have the same experience from other manufacturers. This layer has been commented on at length and it was a bit all the feelings, some adoring, others are not quite fans. I am rather out of the latter category so I stop there on my opinion. If you've ever seen a smarphone on HTC Android Desire X not disturb you in any way. Whether widgets, menus or settings, we find the dough HTC. Note that in this HTC Sense, there are also Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

The phone is also available with the software delivered automatically to enrich the features available on the phone without necessarily having to go through the Google Play Store. Among these programs include an application example FM radio, the presence of Dropbox (and 25 Gp offered). In fact, the phone is really good when you get filled with applications not necessarily always useful but can provide interesting features like 7 Digital is an online music that also allows you to sync and listen to music Facebook is installed natively as Friend Feed which brings together all your social networks in one application and Polaris Office which mimics the functionality of Microsoft Office Mobile. Honestly, apart from the 25 Gig Dropbox and the rest is not really that useful for most people.

It also has the Beats Audio technology we talked about in the hardware but also benefits from a software processing to enhance the sound and music. I never really tested the technology Beats by Desire X and I really was more than satisfied by the changes. When I wanted to listen to music (rather a style Dance, Electro, Pop), I immediately felt the effects with a much more profound and much better music transcribed. The difference is palpable and it really is a real plus. After that, everything depends on the type of music you listen to.

If you listen to music rather like me, you will love immediately. For others, it may not be worth having Beats for French song. Whatever, you can easily disable the technology as soon as you listen to music and you have your headphones, you can disable it from the Notifications panel. Note that I have not tested very long music with headphones provided by HTC, preferring to opt for my intraoriculaires. My opinion on the headphones is rather small but I have not been particular criticism to make against them in the short time that I have had in my ears. They are largely satisfactory for the common man but clearly ridiculous for aficionados.

Speak quickly telephony function that persists to exist on our dear combined (but for how long?). Formulate any particular criticism is that if it has happened to me repeatedly tap the screen during a call even though it is supposed to turn off to prevent this problem. I do not understand where it came from and maybe it was my ear that had the problem, it is always that it can happen.

I also have reservations about the keyboard. I find it really small. Who had iPhones for a few years, I have never had to complain overmuch shells slipping into my sentences, my finger deceiving key and typing the next word recognition distorting or simply modifying letters.

Desire on the X, I did a lot more mistakes. This was the case at the beginning, that is to say when you have not used the keyboard and the software has not had time to record the words that are used but c ' as was the case in the end. My feeling is that it comes from the keyboard itself was thought to range One manufacturer with smartphones that have larger diagonal. Adapting HTC Sense on a smaller screen, the keyboard certainly suffer from a diet without too many changes, with the result being less ergonomic.

III - Performance and autonomy

Now that we've toured the phone from the point of view hardware and software, it should go to a review of the product as a whole.

Enough suspense and proceed directly to the general opinion: this phone is largely the road and you meet in most of the tasks you will perform. The processor is not the most upscale Qualcomm but it is very suitable for this phone, its features and its price. Of course, if you are applying too much, it is expected that it tells you to stop for a while but there is really nothing prohibitive. Listen to music, browse the Internet, use the phone while it is fluid.

However, I noticed some slowdowns in certain actions when I asked him perhaps more than normal. There is nothing really problematic and it is certainly not as swift processor than on high-end phones, but the Desire X is not at the same rate. A lower rate with is necessarily greater constraints, the lack of fluidity in situations of high stress is one that is not a problem and in any case not reserved for this phone in this segment.

As you can see in our comparison with different models in the same range as the HTC Desire X, it is high in the fork without being the best in class. If we put aside the Huawei Ascend P1 which is a bit more upscale model HTC stands up very well.

So much for the performance and now turn to a data related to the following: autonomy.

I had a scare at the beginning when I saw the autonomy down visibly. Fortunately, it was only a matter of calibrating the battery and excitement to receiving a new phone anywhere they tested everything, lots of software are installed and toured all functions.

After this period of a few days, the phone had the time to calibrate the battery and started to offer its full capacity to last a day. I have never had a problem since to take a day at a reasonable use games or internet in the subway, push all day with applications that run and emails coming, and occasionally exchanged a few sms calls.

Sometimes when I have not changed much, I even managed to keep for 2 days and still have the battery in the evening when I got home. The battery is in the middle of what is today, there are no hidden wolf.

IV - Photos and Videos

With its 5 megapixel sensor auto-focus, LED flash and BSI sensor that records video in WVGA, HTC Desire X is not a high-end photography and will clearly not a substitute for a compact. At the same time, there is little that the sensor of Nokia Lumia 920 which can really allow comparison with a compact sensors or even today for laptops have really improved in quality.

The photo sensor of Desire X will cheerfully sustain you when you need an extra sensor that either photo or video. It will not make you forgetting the camera that you could take instead.


We liked

The design and form factor

The price (300 euros - note especially true before the presentation of the Nexus 4)

Beats Audio

Software present in the phone and Gigas Free Dropbox

We do not like


Materials surrounding the photo sensor back on the white model

Unwanted clicks during telephone conversations

With a reasonable price and features that are interesting without being last youth, X HTC Desire is a phone that will suit many people.

Admittedly, this is not a high-end do not expect a phone that will withstand the most extreme situations, it is very pleasant to use. You will not be disappointed by taking as long as the photo, video and run the application to run heavier are not a sine qua non.

HTC Desire gets to be the mid-range phone that will meet the demand of people who want a smartphone without necessarily breaking the bank with a phone twice as much. It will stand up to the widely phones that are in price around 300 euros (of course, that was before the announcement of the Nexus 4).

HTC Desire X is a very good phone, this is not the best but its design is more convincing. If small criticism we can find him (keyboard clicks on appeal) are not prohibitive, we recommend it. If, however, these elements you are very important, this phone may not be for you.

After that, choose between this phone and a Nexus 4, it is undeniable that the Nexus is far above. It was not until 2013 that the line manufacturers recognize this new paradigm, the market is still a bit in shock and expectant face to the announcement of Google that puts the high-end mid-range prices.

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