The iPad 4 changing only very few components compared to its predecessor, we invite you to read or reread our test of the iPad 3 or iPad New, published in March last updated in October 2012 to the end of the exit iOS 6. Indeed, apart from rendering the screen, autonomy and power of the dell xps m1330 tablet, a few points are likely to vary between the two models.

Replacing the iPad 3 (or iPad New), iPad 4 (or iPad with a Retina display, as Apple calls) inducted in the tablets of the firm renewal system machines from traditional computing. As a new MacBook Pro laptop computer, the iPad 4 changes compared to the iPad 3 by increasing its power and changing its connectivity.

So do we keep the same aluminum shell, the same 9.7-inch Retina display with IPS technology definition of 2048 x 1536 pixels as the iPad 3, but the processor A5X gives way to the chip A6X which Apple doubles as the performance of its predecessor. The 30-pin connector also goes hand port Lightning, as the iPad Mini and iPhone 5.

The iPad 4 adopts the same camera back that the iPad 3, a 5-megapixel sensor with 1080p video capture. For the webcam, Apple is now moving to the 1.3-megapixel sensor, just stick to the arrival of FaceTime HD.

The operating system of this tablet is iOS 6.

The Apple iPad tablet 4 is sold from 509 euros 16GB Dual Carrier 3G versions are also planned for availability in November 2012 and to 100 euros more expensive prices for each storage capacity.

The design is identical to the iPad 3, with a hull made of aluminum, thickness as content as possible (9.4 mm) and density of the object which gives it a solid look.

The Vostro 1720 handling of a product of 4:3 is always nice, especially for reading text (thank you definition Retina). The only change between the iPad and the iPad in March of November, physically, is the replacement of the 30-pin connector port by Lightning. Very small, close to the form of a micro-USB port, this connector can be connected in both directions. If the Lightning can take effect on an iPhone or an iPad Mini, we can not imagine today how a product of more than 630 grams, and especially the plug can fit on an accessory such as a dock, iPad with balance. To see ...

Note that the iPad does not heat nearly four more than in the heat that was able to generate its predecessor, even for part of a frantic game very greedy.

Today, the screen of the iPad 3 (or iPad New) remains a reference for us. Hyper colors faithful enough contrast and high pixel density display make the most efficient market shelves. This new iPad 4, launched on November 2, it is up to the (recent) predecessor side screen? Not really ...

Attention, no sudden drop display quality, but our results in the probe are just a little worse. Recall that the iPad is equipped with a 4 IPS Retina, which offers a definition of 2048 x 1536 pixels, a pixel density of 263 ppi.

The average contrast is doing well at 853:1, 930:1 against the iPad 3. This is a good result, but still far from what tablets can offer Acer Iconia Tab A510 or Transformer Pad TF700 Infinity, also in IPS and over 1000:1 contrast medium. The maximum brightness 344 cd/m2 reached, which is equivalent to the iPad 3. The tablet is light enough to ensure a correct reading content in most environments, indoors or outdoors, but the sun can quickly calm your Studio 1558 enthusiasm.

Side of colors that still plays iPad in the big leagues, but once again makes a copy a bit worse than its predecessor. With an average delta E of 3.7, against 2.2 on iPad 3, slate 4th generation Apple is still a fairly accurate display. Recall that the delta E quantifies the difference between the colors as they should be displayed and the screen colors in question and a very good color fidelity is below 3.

This slight stall iPad 4 is in fact due to blue, which is far from being true, while all other tones are almost perfect. The camera remains still one of the best slates to display all kinds of content (eg photos) with a faithful rendering.

The persistence time remains in good average and iPad IPS panels, with 20 ms. The thinness of the display of the iPad 4, iPad 3 as its predecessor,Dell Studio 1737 benefits greatly from the definition of 2048 x 1536 pixels. Reading on iBooks, mailbox and especially web surfing is always a pleasure. In iOS, the difference between an iPad 2 and this new tablet is still amazing and it was very difficult to return to a lower image definition.

And if the iPad 4 provides more clarity in the text than its competitors Android called "Full HD" (1920 x 1200 actually) that are the Transformer Pad TF700 Infinity Asus and Acer Iconia Tab A700, Apple's flagship tablet is in the Nexus 10, an opposition to its height.

Indeed, the 10.1-inch tablet produced by Samsung Google displays a definition of 2560 x 1600 pixels, a density of 298 ppi.

Find all the details of iOS 6 for iPad tablets on the complete test of the iPad 3.

Difficult to realize, at first glance, the contribution of the new chip A6X on the management of the OS. Very soon, however, we note launches applications faster, a transition from one app to another with less latency and less neurasthenic loads of games requiring the resource.

The set is still fluid, and for information, the raw results of this processor benchmarks A6X (GL Benchmark, SunSpider, Browsermark, Quadrant ...) confirm the brutal force of this chip.

Find all the details of managing multimedia product on the complete test of the iPad 3.

Nothing changes here, but everything is a little faster. Web browsing is always a pleasure and iOS 6 further improves the experience on Safari. The Retina display displays pages with great finesse and could very well do without the zoom, both in portrait and landscape.

The most interesting part of the angle of the multimedia iPad 4 is the application that will be made in the (near) future of processor power.

We had the opportunity to see and ask your thumbs on the new album Real Racing machine optimized for mobile Apple and we never felt the sensation as manipulating a home console in the palm of our hands. This first demonstration of power should be available in December.

If Apple doubles the Dell Vostro 1015 Battery power of the machine, the company claims to still hold the energy expenditure side impact with his usual self-10am. In practice, the iPad 4 is actually a fork of autonomy ranging between 9.30 and 10.30 and either video playback or mixed use (mail, gaming, web ...)

Of course, as the iPad 3, the resource-intensive games encumber more autonomy of the tablet. Energy snacking seems less important here, probably due to a better integration of components and power control.

The charging time of the iPad 4 is identical to that of its predecessor, namely a bit more than 3 hours to fully charge the slate.